Day Porting


If the idea of vendors in your building while you’re not there is unnerving, we’ve got a solution for you! We offer cleaning during daytime hours while your staff and/or customers are in the building.

Evening Cleaning


If you’d prefer to wait until after your business closes for us to come in, we also offer after-hours cleaning while your staff and customers are out of the building.

One-Time Detail Cleaning


Need a good solid cleaning before a big meeting, event, or inspection? We can do a complete one-time detail clean in any areas you request! We can disinfect, dust, and clean window trim, baseboards, computer screens and tops, ceiling fans, air vent covers, and much more.

Ongoing Contract Cleaning


Many cleaning companies lock you into a multi-year contract, effectively robbing you of an opportunity to speak up if you’re not satisfied with the service you’re receiving. At Sturgiss Janitorial, our goal is to make the contract process as simple and painless as possible. That’s why we operate on 30 day contract agreements.

Scrubbing/Stripping & Waxing


If you have hard floors that need a good scrubbing or wax that’s starting to fade, we have a full project team that can scrub/strip your hard floors. Plus, we can also put a fresh couple coats of wax to give them that brand new shine again! 

Window Cleaning


$6-9 per window, both interior and exterior.

Post-Construction Cleanups


Did you just build the home of your dreams? Are you a builder and constantly building? Did you just do a remodel in your kitchen or bathroom? Construction dust and debris can take several hours to settle after any kind of construction and can leave your whole house covered. We will come in and do a complete wipe down of walls and all surfaces in all areas where work has been done.

House Sale Cleaning


Are you a realtor? Investor? Getting ready to sell your home? A nice, clean look in your home is a great way to show case your home’s beauty to potential buyers. We will come in and do a complete wipe down and dust of the entire inside of the home. 

Rental Flip Cleaning


Are you a landlord and tired of cleaning your homes when a tenant moves out? We will come in and do a basic wipe down of all living areas getting them move in ready for your next tenant.

*Note: We DO NOT currently do trash outs. 

Event Porting/Cleanup


Have a big event coming up? Let us focus on the cleaning so you can focus on your guests. During your event, we’ll remove trash, clean up spills, and refresh the restrooms.